YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023 Scheme and its Benefits

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YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023: In addition to the one it recently announced, the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government is now rolling out several social initiatives at the same time. YSR announced the launch of both the Shadi Tohfa and the YSR Kalyanamasthu schemes. For the wedding of girls from low-income households or from specific categories, financial assistance up to one lakh rupees is provided within the framework of this programme. You can also visit official website to know more info.

They might win a reward of one lakh twenty thousand rupees under the YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023. People with disabilities are going to receive paid. The YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme and the factors that led to its introduction will be thoroughly covered in today’s essay. Furthermore, we’ll talk about how to take use of the program’s advantages.

An Overview of YSR Kalyanamasthu schemes 2023

The electoral manifesto now has political legitimacy in the country thanks to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Despite its pro-people programme, the previous TDP administration never implemented YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023. The present administration is working on every facet of the agenda, whereas the previous government contained marriage proposals but did not address them. In 2023, the Kalyanamasthu Scheme was introduced by the State Government. The YS Jagan government upped financial aid and expanded welfare to include every segment of society. 

YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023

Effective October 1, 2022, the programme was introduced by the AP administration. In matters pertaining to interracial marriage, this financial support is very beneficial. Some of the minorities who might benefit from this law are Christians, Muslims, Sikhism, Parsis, Buddhists, and others. On the other hand you can slso download YSR Kalyana masthu applicatiosn form pdf from online. Every family member desires a beautiful and honourable marriage for their children. Before coming into power, the administration promised the communities that it would aid minorities. 

In order to fulfil its promise to the minority populations it would especially support, the state government launched this campaign as soon as it came into office.Financial assistance will be provided by the state government through the “YSR Shaadi Tohfa” programme to Muslims and the “YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023” programme to members of the non-Muslim minority groups, differently-abled individuals, and SCs, STs, and BCs. This was the government’s response to help low-income families find their daughters respectable marriages. The government is now run by the YSR Congress party.

What is the Budget of YSR Kalyanamasthu schemes 2023?

The budget of Rs 87 crore has been approved for the YSR Shaadi Tohfa and YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023, which would help 12,132 eligible girls who marry in the January–March 2023 quarter, according to a statement made by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday. These funds will be immediately credited to the bank accounts of recipients who belong to minority communities, such as the handicapped and members of the SC, ST, and BC construction workforce. With the intention of assisting Muslim women in using the funds for their weddings, the YSR Shaadi Tohfa programme was founded. Girls from low-income families in the state can receive financial assistance for marriage under the YSR Kalyanamasthu initiative. 

List out the Advantages of YSR Kalyanamasthu Plan

The following is a list of all the financial incentives that will be offered under the initiative, which is good for weddings in general and for encouraging inter-caste marriages in particular for YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023.

  • A bonus of almost one lakh rupees will be received by SCs and STs.
  • BC recipients would receive Rs 75,000 if they marry outside of their caste.
  • Rs 50,000 will be given to BCs.
  • Those who qualify as disabled will receive Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • For their marriage, two construction workers would receive Rs 40,000 under this arrangement.
  • Individuals with disabilities or impairments will receive 1.5 lakh.

Qualifications for the Andhra Pradesh YSR Kalyanamasthu Plan

Before submitting for YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023, make sure you meet all the requirements listed below:

  • Minority groups (other from Muslims) in BC, SC, and ST Disabled
  • For females planning to get married, the age is 18, while for guys, it is 21.
  • The SSC is the minimum required for education. A certification of matriculation pass is a minimum requirement for couples who wish to be married.
  • Ten acres or less of dry land and three acres or less of wetlands make up the total amount of holdings.
  • The average monthly number of units constructed for electrical work shall not exceed 300. You can also see this instruction Ysr kalyanamasthu eligibility in telugu.
  • Payees are prohibited from allowing any member of their family to get a pension. 
  • Those applying cannot own a four-wheeled vehicle of any type. 
  • Taxpayers at any age may not be minors.
  • They are able to apply for the scheme about windows.
  • A built-up area in a municipal area must exceed 1000 square feet for applicants to be considered for the projects. 

What are the Documents Required for this Scheme?

Very few documentation for YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023, including evidence of age and income, are required for the Kalyanamasthu Scheme to be implemented. You may provide an Income Certificate instead of an Age Certificate in order to prove your income. All of the papers can be listed as follows:

  • Certificate of Income (DOD)
  • Certificate of 10th class.
  • An electricity statement.
  • Cell Phone Number

Procedure for Application for YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme

The application for Shadi Tohfa Yojana and YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023 may be found at  https://gsws-nbm.ap.gov.in/NBM/Home/Main., and this will be used to implement the YSR Kalyanamasthu programme. Upon selecting this link, the Kalyanamasthu online application webpage will load. 

The document outlines the eligibility standards that must be met in order for ysr kalyanamasthu apply online . To learn more about the plan, see the village or ward secretary, or read the details online. Since the plan is run by village or ward secretariats, all you have to do to apply is go to the appropriate authorities. The form you need to complete and attach documents to will be given to you when you visit them. Once all verification is finished, you will receive your prizes.

Capabilities for the YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023

  • A successful SSC test is required of the YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023 applicant.
  • If c an applicant own more than 10 acres of dry land and more than 3 acres of wet land, it will not be eligible for the plan.
  • The bride must be at least eighteen years old and the husband must be at least twenty-one years old before they get married.
  • The scheme’s objective of providing financial assistance to low-income families means that the applicant’s family income cannot exceed $120,000 in rural areas and $14,000 in metropolitan areas.
  • Children are not eligible for the YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023 if the application parents are employed by the federal, state, or local governments.
  • A tax slab-free applicant is required.
  • YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme eligibility is for widows.
  • Family members who actively get pensions from the government are not allowed to exist.
  • The built-up area of the beneficiaries does not exceed the Municipality’s allotted 1000 square feet.

The AP YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme’s Primitive Goals

Giving girls from low-income households financial support for their marriages is not the primary goal of the YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023. This means that the females from minority groups, BC, SP, ST, disabled communities, and construction workers would receive grant money from the state government for marriage under this programme. 

The Andhra Pradesh YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023 was initiated by the state government in response to the reality that many families in the state are unable to marry their daughters because of financial difficulties. With the intention of helping poor families’ daughters find acceptable marriages, this initiative was launched.

New Updated YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme 2023

The announcement of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme has been made. October marks the state government’s implementation of this plan. He also commended the state administration, saying that 98.44 percent of the promises made by the Chief Minister have already been realised like kalyanamasthu scheme amount. His integrity in carrying out all of the social programmes he initiated has also been demonstrated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.The YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme was started by whom?

 This YSR Kalyana masthu scheme 2023 initiative was introduced by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

2. How can I get the online status of the YSR Kalyanamasthu Scheme?

 The scheme’s status can be checked because the official website isn’t online.

3. With Kalyanamastu, who is eligible?

As of the wedding day, the groom must have reached the age of 21. Only in the event of a first marriage, widows excluded for YSR Kalyana Masthu Scheme 2023. Widowers are not qualified. The bride and groom need to have completed the tenth grade.

4. Does a plan or scheme for girl marriage?

Under the Bidaai Scheme, the state provides financial aid to underprivileged minority women, widows, and divorcees who are members of the Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, and Parsi communities in order to facilitate their marriage.

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