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Search your voter ID with your mobile number: Democracies celebrate greatly during election seasons. Among a citizen’s main responsibilities is this. The public is better able to understand the genuine strength and substance of a democracy when elections are held. The destiny of the nation is shaped by the voters’ exercise of their right to vote and selection of leaders. Having a voter ID is necessary in order to cast a ballot in any election. And see Search your voter ID with your mobile number, in this article.

Applying online or offline that is, by going to the closest Local Electoral Office is how eligible citizens obtain voter identification cards from the Election Commission of India. But all a voter needs to do to cast a ballot in any national election is get a voter identification card, Search your voter ID with your mobile number.In addition to presenting their voter ID, voters must confirm that their names are listed on the electoral roll or voter’s list in order to be eligible to cast ballots.

Is a voter’s name on the electoral roll? How can I find out?

To check if their names were added to the electoral roll in time for the elections, voters had to physically visit the local corporate office or electoral office in the past. The Local Electoral Office and the Corporation office are no longer necessary for voters to attend in order to verify that their names are on the voter’s list; instead, they may do it from the comfort of their own homes. And most important thing is Search your voter ID with your mobile number.

search your voter ID with your mobile number

Online name verification for the electoral roll is one way that the ECI has made this procedure easier. By utilising the helpline number, the Voter Helpline mobile app, the ECI website, or an SMS, and Search your voter ID with your mobile number voters may now verify if their names are on the voter’s list. This post goes into the specifics of many techniques for looking for people on the electoral roll.

Techniques for examining a voter’s name on the Voting List

It is possible to verify one’s name on the voter’s list online in a variety of methods, as was previously mentioned. Through the convenience of their own homes, these techniques guarantee that the voter will receive the necessary information promptly like Search your voter ID with your mobile number. The several approaches are spoken about as follows:

1. SMS Method

Search your voter ID with your mobile number: Utilising an SMS is among the simplest methods to verify if your name appears on the voter list. The only numbers that the voter needs are the Voter ID number and the EPIC number, also known as the Election Photo Identity card number. To use this EPIC number, the voter must text 1950 with it in the appropriate format. 

2. Making Use of the Helpline Number

Verifying that one’s name appears on the voter list may also be accomplished easily by calling the ECI’s 24-hour hotline, which helps voters with any issues they may be having with their voter cards. 1950 is the ECI helpdesk number. The voter can use name, address, EPIC number, polling booth details, and other information to contact this number and confirm that their name is on the voter’s list.

3. Voting Helpline App

Search your voter ID with your mobile number: An app that the Election Commission of India has created recently is called Voter Helpline. With the use of the app, the ECI is able to improve communication with the nation’s technologically savvy populace. Aside from several other features, it allows voters to verify their names on the voter’s list. The app lets you access additional services, such as downloading a digital photo voter slip, in addition to verifying your identity.

4. Visit ECI Website

The National Voters’ Service Portal ( or is the official website of the ECI, where voters may verify their identity on the voter list. On the subsequent screen, the voter will see their data if they are listed among those who cast ballots.  Checking your name on the voter list may be done in a few simple ways, like these. An individual can request to physically check their name on the electoral rolls or seek further information from the closest local electoral office if they are not pleased with the information they have been given.

Causes of missing voter names from the electoral roll

In some instances, an individual’s name does not show in the electoral roll, making them unable to vote even when they possess a valid voter ID. The majority of the time, this is because the voter registered before the election dates, which makes it impossible to update their name in the voter list in time. 

Three weeks before the election, is the deadline for requesting a new voter ID or making any other voter-related modifications. Voters are recommended to verify with the ECI that their name is listed on the voter list or electoral register in order to prevent situations like these or last-minute complications that might prevent them from casting their ballot. And the most effective way to Search your voter ID with your mobile number.

Ways to Connect Voter ID to Cell Phone Number?

All Indian nationals who have reached the age of eighteen are issued Voter IDs by the country’s electoral commission. You may edit your voter ID information online by connecting your mobile phone to your voter ID and Search your voter ID with your mobile number.

  • Check out the National Voters’ Services Portal’s official webpage.
  • The first step on the website is to register yourself. Select ‘Login’ to complete registration.
  • Select “Registrate as a new user, don’t have an account” now.
  • Fill out the captcha that appears on the screen and your cellphone number.
  • You can get an OTP on the cellphone number you specify by selecting the ‘Send OTP’ option. Insert the OTP.
  • Go to the “I have EPIC number” menu item. Enter your voter ID number here, which appears on your EPIC number. Should you not yet have the EPIC number, choose ‘I don’t have EPIC number’. Give your first and last names in order to continue.
  • Incorporate your email address. We’ll send updates to this email address about your connecting procedure.
  • Pick a password now. Click “Register” once you have entered all the information. We’ll link your voter ID and cellphone number together for Search your voter ID with your mobile number.

Advantages of Connecting Voter ID to Mobile Number:

The following are the advantages of Search your voter ID with your mobile number:

  • Your cell phone number will receive an SMS notice if your voter ID has to be changed.
  • Voter ID cardholders will not have their voter ID numbers erased without their notification.
  • Your voter ID’s status is available for you to verify.
  • Using the same cell number, you and your family are able to register for Voter IDs.

Voter ID card status checks are important.

Search your voter ID with your mobile number: In our country, elections are held every 5 years. You must select the appropriate candidate for representative in order to be a responsible citizen. This paper serves as accepted identification from the government.  The application process may result in a few weeks before your voter ID is delivered. To verify if the document is being processed, is in route, or has been cancelled in the meantime, you may check the status of your voter ID. 

What Causes a Voter’s Name to Be Missing from the Voter List?

Frequently, despite having a valid voter ID card, an eligible voter loses their eligibility. This occurs frequently as a result of the voter registering close to the election. Timely updates to the list are thus impossible. Voters may have updated their voter ID information or changed their constituency in some cases, but these changes may not have been promptly recorded in the voter list. Also, you can Voter id download it.

Wrapping Up: Search your voter ID with your mobile number

Search your voter ID with your mobile number: With the advent of SMS and hotline services, the procedure of finding a name in the voter list has become exceedingly straightforward. You can skip waiting in huge lines and never have to travel to the actual office again. You may finish searching for voters’ names with only a few clicks. This allows you to take full advantage of these streamlined procedures and engage in the democratic process on a more active level.

Frequently Asked Questions: Search your voter ID with your mobile number

How can one verify the names on the voter list? What is the hotline number?

The voter list can be checked by calling 1950, the helpdesk number.

How should one send an SMS to verify if their name is on the voter’s list? What format should it take?

If someone wants to verify their name on the voter’s list, they must send an SMS using the format SPACE.

The EPIC number Search is what?

The voter identity card or election photo identity card features a 10-digit unique identifier called the EPIC number. And see, Search your voter ID with your mobile number.

How long is it valid to apply for a new voter ID or to make any modifications to an already-existing one?

To be eligible to vote in the forthcoming elections, you must apply for a new voter ID or make any necessary modifications to your current one three weeks before to the polls.

Does voting in any election need a voter ID?

No. To cast a ballot in any election, one must have a voter’s ID. In the voter’s list or electoral roll at the voting place, the voter’s name should also be present.

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